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The solar radiation sensor and UV sensor are working again!!



I am attempting to evaluate the efficacy of this website - Powell Weather Web. How many individuals use this site for their local and regional weather data?

Many of us use smart phones, tablets, iPads, etc. There are many excellent weather apps available for all of these devices that are free or very inexpensive.

I submit local weather data to MesoWest (NOAA) every five seconds. MesoWest  parses this data for accuracy then disaggregates data to the public. The list of end users of weather data is long and includes: National Weather Service, Weather Underground, The Weather Channel, local television stations, Weather Bug, etc.


I ask that you take the following poll, regarding your use of the site.



I will leave the poll up for a month, in order to catch infrequent users. If after a month, the poll indicates a clear need for this site I will re-build it. I truly love website development but it has become much more involved to create a website that is web and smart device compatible.  I'm up to the task, do you want it.


In either case, I have no plans to abandon operating the station and recording local Powell weather and sending it to MesoWest for dissemination.






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Never make important decisions based on this information or any weather information obtained from the Internet.

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